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09 August 2008

Broadband connection advantages

People are getting used with Internet today, as communication technology is advancing more beyond that our can imagine. High speed Internet is more common for every house. Internet Service Provider is growing rapidly, and we can choose the one that fit us well. When choosing broadband connection you should really consider about the reliability, connection speed and the pricing. You can do your broadband speed test to know how fast your connection now. Broadband is faster than dial up connection, making surfing become more comfortable, cutting the waiting time loading picture and webpage. Reduce the possibilities your download progress being cut off.

Peoples who work from home may only need some reliable internet access, if they just sending documents, graphics or letters for their clients. But for high density factory or companies, high speed internet is one of crucial aspect for transporting large amount data from affiliates, selling report or even having a teleconference between branch and main office. They will need bigger bandwidth to upload and download purpose, and broadband speed is perfect for fulfilling this condition.

Personally I too have been using broadband connection for 2 years. Because I need high speed and constant connection to make me business to roll. About the pricing, I think even broadband is more expensive than dial up, but the advantages is unquestionable. This is the benefits of using a broadband:

  • Fast download
  • 4.5 to 140 times faster than dial up connection
  • Always on connection
  • Telephone and Internet access can be used together.
  • No telephone charges

What kind of PC do I need to run broadband?
  • The following minimum is, however, recommended:
  • Processor 200 MHz (or better)
  • Operating System Windows 98SE (or higher)
  • RAM (memory) 32 MB RAM
  • Free Disk Space 125MB
  • SVGA monitor
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • Network Interface Card(NIC) with 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port with RJ45 socket

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