In computer networks, a proxy server is a server (a computer system or an application program) which services the requests of its clients by forwarding requests to other servers. A client connects to the proxy server, requesting some service, such as a file, connection, web page, or other resource, available from a different server. The proxy server provides the resource by connecting to the specified server and requesting the service on behalf of the client. A proxy server may optionally alter the client's request or the server's response, and sometimes it may serve the request without contacting the specified server. In this case, it would 'cache' the first request to the remote server, so it could save the information for later, and make everything as fast as possible. A proxy server that passes all requests and replies unmodified is usually called a gateway or sometimes tunneling proxy. A proxy server can be placed in the user's local computer or at specific key points between the user and the destination servers or the Internet.

22 January 2010

Google Sharing Proxy [Firefox]

Google has the means to track users even if they are not logged into one of the many services provided by the company. Several options are available to create user profiles based on the searches conducted. This includes tracking IP addresses, analyzing Google Analytics data and cookies to track a user’s searches and activities over a period of time.

Google Sharing has been designed to protect users so that Google is not able to track their activities on the Internet. The concept is simple. Google Sharing uses a series of proxy servers that have been specifically designed to work with Google services that do not require a login. Every access to such a Google service, like Google search for instance, will be routed automatically through a Google Sharing proxy server that will replace the identifying data of the user with its own.

This means that Google will not be able to identify the user based on cookies or the IP address as those are substituted by the proxy server.

The GoogleSharing system consists of a custom proxy and a Firefox Addon. The proxy works by generating a pool of GoogleSharing “identities,” each of which contains a cookie issued by Google and an arbitrary User-Agent for one of several popular browsers. The Firefox Addon watches for requests to Google services from your browser, and when enabled will transparently redirect all of them (except for things like Gmail) to a GoogleSharing proxy. There your request is stripped of all identifying information and replaced with the information from a GoogleSharing identity.

This “GoogleShared” request is then forwarded on to Google, and the response is proxied back to you. Your next request will get a different identity, and the one you were using before will be assigned to someone else. By “sharing” these identities, all of our traffic gets mixed together and is very difficult to analyze.

The proxy code has been made available by the developer’s so that it can be analyzed by security experts and installed by webmasters who want to run the proxy on their own web server.

The Firefox add-on provides access to a button to quickly disable and enable the Google proxy server. The options also provide the means to change the proxy server used (e.g. switch to a custom one installed on a web server), exclude Google services from being routed through the proxy and to exclude languages from appearing in the search results.

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25 April 2009

It’s Friday

I love Friday this is the day that always makes me so happy, usually I spent my time playing a game with different title and do you believe that I can spent almost whole day playing all my favorite game. Sometime because of so many features that need to understand the behaviors, did you realize that when we play it there is an important file called File Extension META

I am not a programmer or people with a good knowledge about this File Extension META but this file is usually paired with a SAV file and Its contains a lot of the data that tells a creature in the game how to behave and interact with its surroundings.

Anyway what I am understand about this File is not important just do what you want to do and enjoy your game and do not forget you can not play your favorite game all day long, since we have thing to do next day, well enjoy your week end.

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23 April 2009

Multimedia in my mobile phone

It’s been two year since I buy my mobile phone with top branded with all the features, but some problem occurred when I try to capture my special occasion using my mobile phone video, because I always having problem when I try to synchronized it with my desktop, File Extension 3gp doesn’t work.

What I understand File Extension 3gp also compatible with my desktop, make me so confused and frustrated as far as I concerned these files are multimedia files used in the creation and distribution of multimedia on mobile devices across 3G networks.

Well rather then confusing with my mobile phone I bring my mobile phone to the cellular provider and connected it to my desktop to synchronize it Understand that this file has structure's container system that will reduces bandwidth and storage usage, which is can making them perfect for use in mobile communications applications.

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21 April 2009

Third Proxy Adviser Backs Co

Federal Signal Corp. (FSS) shares rebounded Tuesday as an independent proxy advising firm became the third in two days to give the company's management a vote of confidence in its battle with an activist investor.

Federal Signal, which makes a variety of products ranging from fire trucks to sewer cleaning systems to precision tools, said that Proxy Governance Inc. recommended Federal Signal shareholders vote for the company's nominees at the annual meeting set for April 29.

The company is being challenged by one of its largest holders, Warren B. Kanders, who has nominated himself and two others for the board, urging "new blood" to turn around the company.

Proxy Governance is the third group this week to back Federal Signal, which analysts said appears to be giving investors renewed confidence in shares.

The shares were recently up 15% to $6.97 after earlier climbing as high as $7.08, a 17% gain. Tuesday's move all but erased a 17% fall Monday, when the industrial sector plummeted along with the general market.

"People are optimistic that maybe the Warren Kanders disruption for over the last couple of years is maybe going away," Next Generation Equity Research analyst Ned Borland said. "Maybe it gives people a little more faith in the management team."

The tussle between Kanders and Federal Signal has been long running. Kanders spent much of last summer trying to force his way into the chief executive position, pumping up his desire to make acquisitions and propel shareholder value. He also has claimed that the company has covered up alleged insider trading at the executive level.

Federal Signal denied all charges and in September named William Osborne as chief executive. Kanders subsequently nominated himself, Steven R. Gerbsman and Nicolas Sokolow for the board.

Kanders said in a statement Monday his group's interests are "aligned with shareholders," promising to work constructively with management and "provide them with the guidance and experience they lack."

Kanders wasn't immediately available for comment.

Federal Signal said in a Tuesday release that Proxy Governance, the independent firm, recommended the company's nominees because "the board has demonstrated appropriate oversight and a commitment to accountability to shareholders" and adding that Osborne, who is among the nominees, has the necessary experience.

Monday, RiskMetrics Group and Glass Lewis & Co., two other proxy advisers, sided with Federal Signal and said the board members have sufficient backgrounds.

Barrington Research analyst Walter Liptak said it appears "it's just too early for the shareholders to give up control."

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